How to Take Care of Your Skin

Not many people will pay attention to their skin; it is often taken for granted. If you want to think about it carefully, you should realize the importance of your skin. Do you know that your skin is the widest body part, covering most of your body? Sadly, people don’t really think about protecting and caring for it, thinking that it is not important. But do you know that your skin can affect the overall look of your appearance? Do you know that proper care and maintenance can make you look younger and make you healthier in such simple manner?

Know Your Skin Better

The skin is basically very important in providing protection for you. It will be your first defense against harsh elements or infection. Whether you are dealing with pouring rain or the harsh sun ray, your skin will deal with it the first time. That’s why caring for its health is important as any microscopic break or creaks can cause viral and bacterial infection.

You also need to consider your skin treatment if you suffer from dry skin. Dry skin is often related with microangiopathy, which is a condition when your blood vessels don’t get enough nutrients supply to the cellular level. That’s why your skin hydration system is affected and you will end up dealing with longer healing process. That’s why skincare products are created and made. Their purpose is to coat the skin and provide extra layer that will prevent moisture loss and also to add extra layers of protection to the skin, making it more solid and stronger.

Unfortunately, not all people have the right type of skin that can deal with such products. Sensitive skins are prone to acne breakout or irritation, so you can’t really rely on them. But don’t be discouraged as there are other alternatives you can try to protect and care for your skin. You can do these simple methods in your daily activities, including trying some home remedies treatments that won’t hurt your wallet.

Skincare Tips

You don’t have to go to expensive skin clinics or treatment to have beautiful, healthy, and brighter skin. Simply follow these steps and include them into your personal lifestyle and daily activities.

The first thing to do is to protect the skin from sunray exposure. Harsh UV ray from the sun can cause age spots, wrinkles, and other issues – including dry skin and skin cancer. Here are the simple things to do to protect you:


1. Find shades. It is better if you can avoid sun exposure from 10 AM to 4 PM, when the sunray is the strongest. If you can’t avoid it, be sure to find shades to protect you.

2. Wear sunscreen. Wear the one with higher level of SPF, at least 15. If you are an active person with loads of outdoor activities, always re-apply the sunscreen once every two hours. If you are swimming, don’t forget to wear it. You should re-apply more often if you are sweating a lot.

3. Wear protective clothes. To avoid harsh exposure, you can wear long pants or long sleeves shirts. You can also wear hats or umbrella for the added protection. It is possible to add laundry additives to the laundry so your clothes will have additional ultraviolet protection. Don’t forget to choose breathable and light clothing that is comfy to wear.

The second thing to do is to pay attention to healthy lifestyle, which means that you should limit – or even stop – smoking. Consuming alcohol should also be limited as it is diuretic, making the body remove more water from the body than it is supposed to. The key to healthy and beautiful skin is to have enough moisture and water within the skin. When you are consuming alcohol, your skin will be dry because all the water is being sucked out. The same thing also happens to smoking, as it will make the tiny blood vessels within the skin gets narrow, reducing the blood flow.

The third thing to do is to treat the skin in proper and right way. Even simple things like shaving can affect the condition of your skin. Here are the things you can do:

1. Remove strong soaps. It is better to choose mild detergents or soaps, as they won’t remove the oil from the skin. After all, strong products can cause irritation.

2. Limit your bathing time, especially if you are using hot water. It is better to use warm water and don’t spend too much time in the bathroom. You don’t want the natural oil being stripped off the skin, do you?

3. Avoid scrubbing; pat instead. After bathing or washing, it is better to pat dry the skin instead of scrubbing. Not only will it make the natural oil remain on the skin, patting won’t irritate or hurt your skin.

4. Always moisture. Keeping your skin moist is important if you want to have healthy and young appearance.

Home Remedies Recipes

You can make use of the ingredients around you to care for your skin. Here are some recipes to try:

HowHoney and Avocado Moisturizer. It helps creating smoother complexion as well as retaining the youthful and dewy appearance of the skin. Simply mix avocado, fresh cream, and honey and apply the mixture on the face. Leave it for an hour and then rinse it with warm water. Your skin will feel soft in an instant and your skin will be bright.

Anti Wrinkle Salad. It is filled with antioxidants, which is good for the skin. It nourishes the skin as well as improving the circulation. Eat it for breakfast and you should see the result immediately. Mix kiwi, orange juice, and pomegranate seeds. Sprinkle everything with chopped walnut and you can have refreshing and tasty meal.

Basil Toner. It is good for skin that is sensitive to acne, improving the skin circulation and act as antiseptic. Crush the basil leaves and mix them into boiling water.  After it cools off, put the mixture into a spray bottle. You can spray the skin before cleansing, or then use cotton pad to spread the mixture on your face.

As you see, caring for your skin isn’t that hard, after all. All you need to do is commitment and include these routines into your daily activities.

The Loads of Exercise Benefits for Your Skin

Whether you need to shed off extra pounds or you simply want to stay healthy and fit, exercise should be an important part of your life. Everyone knows that exercise and workout is important, especially when it comes to health benefits, but not everyone has the proper boost and support to leave their bed and start producing sweats. Somehow, the lazy factor is still bigger than the encouragement to exercise.

However, you may now get the right kick if you know the benefits of exercising for your beauty and your skin, in general. Do you know that moving your body for at least half an hour can deliver great result for your beauty? Not only it will make your skin look younger and brighter, it will also improve the health and blood flow of your skin.

The Basic Benefits of Exercise

The Loads of Exercise Benefits for Your SkinThe first perk you can enjoy from having regular exercise is to get the natural and healthy glow. You can ditch the expensive lotion or the fancy skincare products that are claimed to deliver bright, younger, and firmer result. When you are exercising, your blood flow will be improved. Your heart is ‘forced’ to stay active and pump blood circulation to all over your body. It is a guarantee that your skin will get the needed dose of oxygen and nutrients. That’s why there is the so called post-workout glow, where your skin will have this natural and appealing glow. Keep doing the exercise regularly, and within a month you should see big differences in your skin. The glow will be long lasting, and you will have this firmer and younger appearance. There is no such thing as dry and patched skin, or gloomy and shabby skin. The good thing about the exercise is that you don’t always do the cardio activities. Doing simple workout – which still makes you sweaty – will be enough to promote healthier skin.

The second benefit is to expect great reduction in cellulite. Do you have those spongy and flabby skins with the orange-skin texture? You know how unattractive it is, right? Well, cellulite happens because there is not enough lymph (body fluids containing white blood cells) circulation. It is likely happening to the areas with high level of fatty deposit. By exercising, not only you will turn those fat deposits into muscle, you will have bigger chances of reducing the embarrassing and annoying cellulite. You can always engage in high impact cardio exercises, but it is also possible to get rid of them with yoga. In fact, yoga is claimed to combat cellulite in the most effective and fastest way. Don’t underestimate yoga; it may seem simple and easy, but it requires hard work and your muscles will be forced to work extra hard.

The third perk is about the increase in sexual drive, or libido. If you notice a significant change in your sexual drive – especially if it is reducing drastically – maybe it is time for you to start over your exercise routine. Not only exercise will improve your stamina and energy, it will also affect your confidence and mood. You will have this new body image view about yourself, and you will be highly conscious about it – which is a good thing if things have been cold lately.

The Loads of Exercise Benefits for Your Skin 1The next benefit is about looking young and prevent any early aging process. This is definitely a benefit that all women seek off. Who doesn’t want to look younger, firmer, and fresher for good? Exercise can really do good things for your body and body systems, including work magic on the cellular level. Early aging happens because of the toxin build up and the body can’t really flush it out effectively. When you exercise, the body has the strength and the needed boost to flush all the toxins, helping the cells to renew themselves and fight off all the pollutants that are harmful and dangerous for your body. You have read about the natural glow you can gain from exercising, right? Well, such glow and the fact that you will be able to flush out the toxins and dangerous substances out of the body will add to the benefit of making your skin look healthier, younger, firmer, and fresher.

The fifth perk is to get better sleep and more qualified rest. That’s why there is the so called beauty sleep. Exercise helps the body regulate better, including in secreting a special hormone that promotes relaxation and peace. It will improve better sleep, which will lead to better quality resting period. Moreover, when you are exercising, the body will improve its production in making growth hormone – during your sleeping period – that is responsible for rebuilding and repairing body tissue. Not only you can sleep better, you can wake up looking brighter and fresher the next morning – without the help of any sleeping pills!

Do you know that exercising can help you deal with spots naturally and healthily? If you have been dealing with rosacea or acne, you may want to look into your exercise routine. When you are working out, the body is being forced to remove the toxins and microscopic debris through the skin, making it free from any blockage. In the end, you can have the flawless and healthy skin without having to worry about spots anymore. Of course, if you have sensitive skin, it doesn’t hurt to include skincare products or tips along the way. By combining exercising and the skincare, you should expect great result without having to break the bank.

Another perk from having regular exercise is to expect improvement in psychological health. Exercise can help reducing the possibility of dementia and osteoporosis. When you exercise regularly, you can improve the energy and have fast boost to mind function. Moreover, working out can also maintain bone density and mass, resulting in better, healthier, and stronger bones. Not only your mental health is improved, you can also expect better posture and stance.

If you are still reluctant to get up and workout, those reasons above may be able to encourage you. If you truly want to have an overall perks, make a solid exercise schedule and be committed to it.

Tips on What to Do When Organizing a Wedding

Never underestimate the work and the process of planning a wedding. Lots of people often underestimate such process, thinking that it’s just a planning, after all. What’s the big deal about that? How hard it is to manage and plan a wedding? Well, you can ask those in the process of getting married about how difficult it is to make sure that things will go on smoothly and perfectly to the end. You can ask those who have been through this complicated process, and they will tell you about the messy and chaotic procedures and planning.

Getting organized in planning the wedding is crucial; without it, your plan will certainly go down the drain. However, not everyone knows how to deal with this arrangement; let alone act upon it. If you want to know how to stay organized in dealing with wedding management, here are some handy and useful tips that you can try. They seem easy and simple, but it takes strong will and determination to do them all.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have enough time. Planning a wedding can’t be done overnight; you need at least 6 months to sort things through. It would be better if you can plan everything from 18 months before the event or at least a year before, so you won’t rush things. With 18 month time window, you can prepare everything without being rushed. Being free from pressure will provide you with good judgment, so you can have the perfect wedding that you always want.

Organizing a WeddingThe next thing you need to do is share duties between the bride and the groom. Who says that the bride is responsible for everything? It may seem that the bride is putting all of her efforts into the wedding, but it doesn’t mean that the wedding is all her doing. After all, it takes TWO people to get married, so why should only one party be left with all the charges and responsibilities?

Moreover, sharing duties will make your job easier. It is crucial that you make lists of the must-do items, and then divide the list into two. Be sure that you are responsible for everything in your list, and don’t forget to always provide follow up and updates after each task is done. It will prevent any mishap in the process and you will make sure that everything needed in the process will be covered. You certainly don’t want to suddenly realize that there is no catering on the wedding day because no one is taking care of it, for instance. Dividing list and providing updates are also a good way to make sure that a task isn’t done twice. For example, you have covered the photographers, but since you haven’t provided updates, it turns out that your partner is also taking care of photographers. In the end, you will have two photographers, and that will result in your spending getting bigger.

The next logical step after sharing duties is to talk. You will need to talk between you and your partner, not only to make sure that everything will go as planned, but also to find out what you want from the event. Remember that it is not your solo event; you have a partner whose opinions are also important. Find out what each of you want, and come together with an agreement. Compromise is the best solution. Both of you may not get everything that you want, but that’s what a relationship is: compromise, understanding, and agreement.

Tips on What to Do When Organizing a WeddingThe fourth thing that you can do is to buy a special note book for the event, and note down everything. You may look like a control freak, but if you want a perfect wedding with smooth arrangement and flawless planning, this is the kind of sacrifice you need to take. The note book can be used to make a to-do list and you won’t miss a single thing because you have everything written down to the details.

Next, you need to make the efforts to really manage everything. You may have months before the event, but they won’t take care of themselves, unless you invest time, energy, and effort to make sure that all stuffs are properly covered and handled. Contact the baker about the wedding cakes, or handle the make up as soon as possible. Don’t wait to the last minutes or you will regret everything – either the price may go up or the related service has been booked by other couples. Don’t be lazy; as soon as you can cover everything sooner, the fewer tasks you have in your plate.

You also need to make time to have everything arranged and handled. I mean…it’s your wedding, after all! Even if you are using a wedding organizer service, you still have to make times to talk about the whole deal and arrangement. And if you really want to make sure that everything goes as planned, you need to check on the WO service once in a while. If you don’t really want to make time for planning this event, you may as well not getting married at all.

Don’t forget about negotiations, details, and contract. Dealing with a wedding means that you will deal with lots of different professionals, like the florists, the photographers, the caterers, and so many more. It would help if you have been straightforward since the beginning, conveying the details and what your requirements about the event. Don’t forget to inform them about the dates, location, and also time. Even the smallest details are important. Include all the agreements and details into contract. Be sure that it has everything you want and your rights, including your responsibilities. Read the fine prints before signing anything.

And last, stay organized by keeping everything related to your event in one specific folder. Keep the notes, the receipts, contracts, ….everything! Not only it helps you stay organized, you won’t have problems finding the important documents related to your wedding. Making sure to get organized isn’t that difficult, as long as you are committed enough to really work on them.